Low Poly City

A collection of detailed buildings, roads & sidewalks and city elements to create a New York City style map. Each model includes 3 level of detail version (LOD) ready for importing into a game engine. The collection includes 3 lane, 2 lane and single lane roads with intersections, T-junctions and corners, as well as traffic lights, traffic cones, mailboxes and more.

Two apartments are also included as interior models, with an elevator lobby, elevator interior and stairs for walkups - ideal for first person exploration of any building.

Some examples of buildings in the collection

Thumbnail of example building 3

Thumbnail of example building 2

Thumbnail of example building 5

Thumbnail of example building 4

Thumbnail of example building 6

Example scene created using these assets:

The buildings are constructed as single face or corner faced so that they can be placed alongside each other. All building sizes fit a predefined grid allowing you to mix and match buildings for each city block.

Example scene


Coming Soon!